Sustainable Living = Sustainable furniture

Sustainable bamboo furniture: we make them especially for you

You’re at the right place! Real eco living you can do with our sustainable tables, chairs, sofas and ecological pillows! We make them out of bamboo Because: it’s a robust and inexhaustible natural resource. Discover our product range now, completely manufactured by hand in the Netherlands. Choose furniture with a future:

Outdoor furniture In the sun

Side table Leonie

For coffee and cake

Chair Manuel

The sustainable friend to all 

Bucket seat Gabriëlle:

Comfortable, sustainable

bucket seat

Side table Sophie
Additional space is always welcome

Accessories & Parasols

Bamboo Parasol

must-have for
your terrace

Bamboo planter

The finishing touch

More with Bamboo Business

Custom-made furnishings

For a sustainable business market: unique design

If you as a stylist, architect or contractor are looking for sustainable custom-made furnishings, you’re at the right place. Of course we understand that you want your sustainable bamboo furniture to your liking. We are happy to do that for you. Our professionals are happy to take care of the entire process. From advice to design and from construction to placement at your home. Our steps to unique and sustainable outdoor furniture.


Have your furniture drawn by our top designer Ed van Engelen. Here you can read how he puts your dream furniture on paper.

Design in 4 steps

Read here how we can easily create your dream furniture in 4 steps, completely made to order. It always fits.

Constructions & building

Sustainable porch, carport, jetty. It is now possible!

Building with bamboo. It is now possible! Bamboo is versatile and can be used in houses as construction material for facades and what about gardens! The very best result: you soon are using thousands of kilos of CO2. Bamboo is robust and inexhaustible and we build almost everything with it. We are the bamboo construction specialist. 

Sustainable building

Building with bamboo is sustainable and even has Breeam and Leed credits. This is how you build green! We will gladly tell you all about it.

CO2 users

Bamboo uses so much CO2 during growth, that building a carport with bamboo provides hundreds of kilos of CO2 REDUCTION, beautiful!

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